Aliaksandr Karmishyn

Aliaksandr Karmishyn

Software Testing Engineer / QA Engineer is looking for a job or traineeship.
• Experience in creation of test documentation and requirements;
• Experience in functional and compatibility testing of web based applications;
• Experienced test documentation creator (check-lists, test-cases, bug-reports), requirement tester;
• Functional testing and mobile applications testing (Android, Windows);
• Experience in test team management;
• Experience in automation testing of web applications;
• Analytical skills.

English Proficiency: Upper-Intermediate
Test Management Systems: TestRail
Bug Tracking Systems: Jira
Database Management: MS SQL Server, phpMyAdmin
OS: Windows, iOS, Android
Automation Testing Tools: Selenium IDE
Webserver: Apache 2.4
Web Technologies: HTML/CSS
Tools: Fiddler, Firebug, Pict, CMD, Oracle VM VirtualBox, BitBucket, Source Tree, Adobe Dreamweaver, FileZilla, Adobe
Photoshop, PRO100, 1C

Testing experience
11/2016 – 01/2017 – Trainee, Educational Center IT Academy of HTP
Project role: Tester / QA Engineer
Project description: The e-commerce Web-Store of makeup "Kat Von D Beauty" have successful worked on the American market since 2008. It’s a creative outlet for everyone, from beginners to pros - that is the main idea of the company
Main responsibilities:
• Creating and maintaining check-lists;
• Creating and maintaining test cases;
• Functional testing;
• Compatibility testing;
• Reporting and verification issues;
• Creating bug-reports;
• Daily progress reporting;

• 1271 Check-lists were created;
• 64 Test Cases were created;
• 4900 Tests were performed;
• 295 Bugs were reviewed;
• 142 pages of requirements were studied.

My main characteristics: easily trained, hard worker, little bit a perfectionist, communicable, positive and active life position, Champion of patience and responsibility.
For my previous employers I was as a trainer for new employees, made different marketing materials, created a web-site in extra hours and tried to do that tasks as well as possible.
My future employer should know that I like difficulties, teamwork, additional tasks and humor.
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