QR codes for dog collars

QR code for dog collar

The idea of creating this web-site comes from the following statement: according to the statistics one dog out of three gets lost or runs away. There is no guarantee that this would not happen to your pet and you as the owner of the dog can take preventive steps to help you and your pet find each other as soon as possible if this situation happens. The first and most important thing you can do for your pet is to provide him or her with a dog collar containing comprehensive information about the animal and its owner. The reality is that the space on collars is pretty small and limited; it is not possible to put all necessary and desired information about your pet on it. The good news is that this limitation can be overcome with the help of QR-code technology.

QR-code is a graphical square-shaped representation of information that is coded within it. This information can be easily extracted with the help of a smart-phone’s camera in a combination with free software. Such software one can get and install for free without any difficulties. We invite you to use our free service; you simply place information about your dog on our web-site and get a link to this information as a QR-code. Then you simply place that QR-code on your pet’s collar. In the case of getting your dog lost the person who finds it can scan the QR-code from the collar and use this information. This information can be very helpful to find the dog.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the person who finds your dog has a smart-phone with an Internet connection. For that reason it is strongly recommended to place your contact information on the collar too (your phone number for example), but the QR-code will not take too much space on the collar and can serve as a complimentary means of getting the information about your pet. On the web-page containing the information about your pet you can place such data as your pet’s name, its age, vaccination information or its favorite food etc. Thus, if even the person who found your dog wouldn’t be able to get in contact with you in a short period of time, he or she would be provided with the information how to care about your pet during the time of its staying.

In conclusion it is necessary to say that all written above is just a complimentary means and can’t be approached as a solution of preventing your pet from getting lost. As someone said “it is much easier to prevent a disease than to cure it” so first of all make sure that you have done all in your power to prevent your pet from getting lost.

We hope that you never lose your pets!

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