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Valdelosfrailes Selección Personal Carlos Moro

Valdelosfrailes Selección Personal Carlos Moro

Wine Description:
This wine is part of a limited edition of 990 bottles from the own selection of Carlos Moro from the bests wine plants of Pago de las Costanas in Cubillas de Santa Marta, and the most exclusives barrels of Valdelosfrailes´s cellar.

Tasting Notes:
Visual phase: Very deep colour; clean and bright. Intense cherry and purple glints.

Olfactory phase: Very complex nose, highly intense. Excellent balance of fruit and oak. The blackcurrent is perfectly integrated with the elegant Word; aromas of species, liquorice and clove appear along with coffee, toast and tobacco. These aromas will become more complex in form of chocolate and jammy fruit.

Gustatory phase: Powerful on the palate. Strongly structured with sweet tannins, oily textura and lingering finish.

750 ml

Vineyard Characteristics:
Production area/ name of vineyard: Pago de la Sallana
Size of vineyard: 3,5 Ha.
Soil composition:layers of clayey sand, silex and gravel on the surface.
Training method: traditional red wine making.
Elevation: 800 m.
Vines/Ha.: 1.700 v/Ha
Yield/Ha.: 1.000 k/Ha.
Exposure: North
Year vineyard planted: 1890

Winemaking & Aging:
Varietal Composition: 100% Tempranillo.
Harvest Time: October.
First Vintage of this wine: 2002
Bottles produced of this wine: 990

Fermentation container: Stainless steel tanks.
Length of alcoholic fermentation (days): 10-14 days.
Fermentation Temperature (°C): 25º C

Lenght of barrel aging: 21 months
Length of bottle aging: 24 months

Analytical data:
Alcohol: 14.05 %
Residual sugar (g/l): 3.09
Acidity: (g/l): 4.93
Dry extract(g/l): 29.8

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