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Valdelosfrailes Joven

Valdelosfrailes Joven

Wine Description:
This wine comes from Tempranillo grapes from our vineyards in Cubillas de Santa Marta. It is a young red wine of great aromatic expression, with significant fruit tones, as a result of a temperature-controlled fermentation

Tasting Notes:
Visual phase: Dense, dominated by purple tones and bigarreau cherry tones denoting a slight evolution in bottle.

Olfactory phase: It is broad and powerful, dominated by primary aromas of ripe fruit and secondary lactic ones.

Gustatory phase: It is broad, fresh and persistent, with well-balanced tannins and acidity.

750 ml

Vineyard Characteristics:
Production area/ name of vineyard: Pago de Carretillas, Pago de Aldor
Size of vineyard: 53 Ha.
Soil composition: Clay, sand, limestone
Training method: Taditional red wine making
Elevation: 750 m.
Vines/Ha.: 2.400 v/Ha.
Yield/Ha.: 5.000 k/Ha.
Orientation: North.
Edad del viñedo: 1998.

Winemaking & Aging:
Varietal Composition: 100% Tinta del País.
Harvest Time: October.
First Vintage of this wine: 2004.
Bottles produced of this wine: 250.000.

Fermentation container: Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation (days): 10-14 days.
Fermentation Temperature (°F): 77 ºF.

Analytical data:
Alcohol: 14.5 %
Residual sugar (g/l): 1.34
Acidity: (g/l): 3.99
Dry extract(g/l): 30

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