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Road Mollet to Masarac 17752 Mollet de Peralada Alt Empordà, Spain

Phone: +34 647 748 809

Website: www.lavinyeta.es



Designed with the authenticity of the Red Grenache vines and elegant aroma and body Marselan, Mig Mig is a wine of contrasts. Tradition and modernity. Experience and knowledge. Imagine is moving towards new horizons. More than a new wine, Mig Mig is a new concept of wine. Two opposite values, face to face! 50% Red Grenache —pure tradition—, and 50% Marselan —pure innovation, because it is an experimental variety not covered by the DO Empordà.

50% Red Grenache
50% Marselan

General properties

Alcohol: 14%vol

Volatile acidity: 0,55g/l

Residual sugar: <2g/l

Free SO2: 25mg/l

Total SO2: 60mg/l

pH: 3,95

Stopper: natural cork

Bottle: Bordeaux Special

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