Bodegas Villavid

Castilla -La Mancha C/ Nino Jesus, 25 16280 Villarta (Cuenca), Spain

Phone: +34 962 189 006

Website: www.villavid.com

Rosado Villavid (Bobal)

Rosado Villavid (Bobal)

D.O. Manchuela.

VINEYARD:Grapes from our best vines, harvested by hand at the time of optimum ripeness, and after a
continuous follow-up of the production cycle carried out by our winemaker.
HARVEST: 20-30 September.

PRODUCTION NOTES:Light pressed, short maceration before alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. Clarified, stabilized and filtered.
Tasting notes:Clean and bright. It has a very attractive pink raspberry colour. Intense bouquet with a hint of fresh red fruit (strawberry, raspberry) and currant. It also has aromas of liquorice. Delicious taste, full with a refreshing acidity and a carbonic nice tip. Long and persistent flavour.
Recommended serving temperature : To be served between 6º and 8ºC.

General properties

Varietal: 100% Bobal

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.

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