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Rosso Piceno Superiore “MORRIGAN” DOC

Rosso Piceno Superiore “MORRIGAN” DOC

“Mirum ubique cum sole circumagi uva et in Italia gallicam placere trans Alpes vero Picenam”.

It’s wonderful that in Italy people love the grapes from the Gaul and beyond the Alps people love the grapes from Piceno Region. This is what Plinio the old , the famous Latin writer used to write about the wine from Ascoli Piceno , this show the old wine tradition of our Province ( Ascoli Piceno).Particular consideration deserve the Rosso Piceno Superiore, an historical DOC wine , produced in a small zone of the Ascoli Piceno province. In the beginning , it could be produced only in the municipality of Acquaviva Picena( where our winery is located) and in a small part in the municipality of Monteprandone. Today the Rosso Piceno Superiore can be produced only in 13 Municipalities. We dedicate our wine to the goddess “ Morrigane”, queen of the celts
The phanthom queen
Vine Variety Montepulciano 70% and the Sangiovese 30 %.
Characteristics Red rubin color that tends to granate color, scent of undergrowth with a final scent of Tobacco.
balanced and a little bit spicy taste.
Wine making In fermentation tanks, extended maceration of vinasses and further ageing in oak Casks and barrique for refinement in bottle 30-60 days.
Proof 13,50 %vol.
Service Ideal serving temperature 18° . Decant the wine at least 60 minutes before the service. Serve in Ballon glass.
Food match roast meat , cured meat, seasoned cheeses.

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